Once Upon a Webcomic: Jim Benton

This post marks a return to my recurring feature, Once Upon a Webcomic.   Although Jim Benton‘s work is not technically produced as a webcomic, it is a comic I discovered online.  Because of this, I’m lumping them in together.

This comic from jimbenton.com starts off with a fairy tale scene we all recognize, but quickly takes a different turn.

As in my previous posts in this series, this comic uses our cultural knowledge of fairy tale norms to make a joke that people of all ages will understand.  Today, we remember the Frog Prince being cured by a princess’ kiss, so it’s alarming (and potentially amusing) to see the princess refuse in this way.

Interestingly, however, this violent reaction isn’t far off from the princess’ response in the  earliest versions of “The Frog Prince.”  The original princess, who was disgusted by the frog, threw him against a wall; this ended the spell and returned him to his human form.  In various similar tales involving princes enchanted into frog shapes, the women must actually behead the frogs to trigger their transformation.

What’s most interesting here, however, is that Jim Benton was probably not making an attempt to return the tale to its roots.  In all likelihood, he was trying to get a laugh from his princess’ unexpected response.  Instead, he brought the tale almost full circle.

SurLaLune Fairy Tales Blog

Today, I’d like to take a look at a top blog in my niche.  If you’re as interested in fairy tales as I am, you’ll really enjoy Heidi Anne Heiner’s frequently updated SurLaLune Fairy Tales Blog.  This blog is full of up to date fairy tale news, and exists in conjunction with her web site, SurLaLune Fairy Tales, which offers a variety of annotated fairy tales open to public reading.


Although I tend to focus more on the continuance of fairy tales as a medium that is essentially dead, I think many of my readers would be interested in her work, and vice versa.

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