Breadcrumbs. Gingerbread. Flesh.

This is a writing exercise I did, for a class.  We spent ten minutes listing what a character of our choice saw, heard, and stood upon.  I chose Gretel of Hansel and Gretel.

Breadcrumbs.  Gingerbread.  Flesh.

I saw the bread crumbs my brother dropped behind us.
I heard the crows cawing as they carried these away.
I stood in the forest, mud soaking into my shoes.

I saw less animals in that part of the woods.
I heard the voice of my father and couldn’t believe he would let this happen to us.
I stood in awe of the giant gingerbread house that loomed before me.

I saw candy of every kind imaginable and didn’t know where to begin.
I heard the ominous creak of the door.
I stood inside the house and saw everything change.

I saw the witch’s true face.
I heard her plans for Hansel.
I stood near his cage.

I saw him getting fatter–getting ready for the stew pot.
I heard the beginnings of a plan in my dreams.
I stood near the oven and waited for the witch.

I saw her bring my brother into the kitchen for her meal.
I heard his cries, likes sounds of a wounded animal.
I stood behind her as she sprinkled pepper on Hansel’s head.

I saw my hands reach out and push her in.
I heard her screams and felt almost guilty.
I stood watching as she burned.

I saw her flesh blacken and peel.
I heard my brother calling for me, ready to escape this place.
I stood in shock of what we had done.

I saw the world change.
I heard our story being retold through the ages.
I stood still in time and was a child forever, always with bread crumbs, and gingerbread, and baking flesh.


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