About The Beanstalk

We live in a world where fairy tales– and other forms of culturally generated, word-of-mouth folklore—are dead.  Just as the medium of blogging was neither relevant nor possible 200 years ago, so it is with fairy tales, today.  We live in a culture where stories are no longer generated without specific authors and passed down through generations in various forms.  Despite this, these ancient stories of magic, luck, and princesses have not disappeared; they continue to crop up in literature, film, and even video games.  They are constantly being reworked and retold, and seem to have a permanent place in our collective memory.  Something about them keeps drawing us back.  We hold the same stories up to the mirror, time and time again, but constantly find their reflections changed by new twists and insights.  This blog tracks an otherwise dead medium, as it continues to thrive and loses none of its magic.

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  1. storydoula
    Mar 20, 2011 @ 17:00:59

    Excellent summary, background and also causes us to want to know more! Great length. I like the visual props. At some point perhaps you’ll want to add a resource page with the categories you describe in this vid.


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