Disney Comparison: Twisted Princesses

Many fairy tales started out as grisly stories containing deaths and violence.  The versions most people are familiar with today, however, are the heavily edited Disney-fied ones that can be seen in a plethora of animated film, in which the villain meets a just (albeit often nonviolent) end, the prince and princess get married and, perhaps most importantly, all the main characters survive.

Although it’s the nature of fairy tales, as a genre that was long sustained by word of mouth, to evolve over time, the comparison between the Disney versions and the originals is fascinating.  Maybe that’s why I always love to see someone give the universally recognizable Disney girls a makeover.  This series by artist Jeffrey Thomas is one of the best examples of that I’ve seen.

Snow White is my favorite, but they’re all fantastically grim.  Ariel comes in at a close second, and Jasmine and Rapunzel are vying for third.  Not only does the artist create these gorgeously dark fairy tale images, but he makes creepy story profiles for each princess.  What’s not to love?


Snow White is my favorite of Jeffrey Thomas' twisted princesses.


To see the rest of this amazing series, check out Jeffrey Thomas’ gallery on Deviant Art.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. storydoula
    Jan 30, 2011 @ 17:16:22

    Very cool! I like these twisted princesses. PM


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